I know that people collect things for different reasons... dolls, baseball cards, celebrity pictures... whatever.  But how about golf balls???  I mean, just go dig in the water hazard and you will find a gazillion of them.  But apparently there are some unique golf balls to be had.

A guy in Rochester, Minnesota has collected golf balls for most of his life.  He is 90 years old and started his collected when he was a caddy at 11 years old.  His name is R.J. Smith and has been collecting golf balls for almost 80 years.  He has a collection of over 70,000 golf balls!  He puts them in old egg cartons and stacks them in milk crates.  Here's the kicker... no two are alike.  Ya gotta wonder how that can be... 70,000 golf balls and no two are alike???  That's something right there.

Portugal Masters - Day Two
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Smith says he's never paid for a golf ball.  He has found them all on golf courses.  People lose them and Smith takes advantage of their misfortune.

So, are any of these worth any money??  Probably not, unless it was played by a famous golfer... and that can be proven.  Mostly Smith just liked to collect them, and it was a fun obsession.  The oldest one is from 1917...that one is pretty cool.

He wants to sell the collection, as he is now in failing health.  He will donate the proceeds to charity.

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