This is surprising to me.  I see things on social media, and I might read the post, and decide my opinion for myself.  But apparently that isn't the case for everyone.  In this very tumultuous political and social climate that we live in, people are using social media to get their information.  That, to me is very scary.  How are you supposed to know the information you are getting is accurate?  It could be spun, recorded over, photo shopped, or just plain ol' made up.  Or only part of the information is given which can change the whole context of the story.

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This is probably part or all of the reason Mark Zuckerberg is being questioned about the integrity of Facebook.  In it's defense, Facebook is taking measures to crack down on the fake news, fake profiles, and fake posts.  Honestly, though, they really didn't have a choice.

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Too bad social media didn't stay the way it was intended.  To connect old friends, colleagues, and as a tool to network for a job,  Now it seems like it's just a place to rant about whatever you feel like ranting about.

Right now I'd like the cat videos back, please.  Thank you.

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