Dog's just have to be one of the greatest things ever!  Always happy to see you. Thrilled about just about any activity, as simple as a walk or a car ride.


If I had taken the 'How Spoiled is Your Dog" test a couple of years ago, I would have scored probably a 2. Well, as time went on my wife and I would tend to relax the rules a bit. Now, taking this test, I scored a perfect 8, or imperfect 8. Depends on how you look at it.

Take the test. Each "Yes" is worth a point.

1) Is your dog allowed top sleep on your bed?

2) Do you give your dog a birthday present?

3) Have you ever refused to move because the dog is sleeping on or next to you?

4) Do you give your dog Christmas presents?


5) Have you ever cancelled plans because of your dog?\

6) Is your dog allowed to sit on the couch?

7) Do you sign your dog's name to birthday and Christmas cards?

8 )Do you greet your dog before you greet your partner when you come home?

I admit, my dog Astro is spoiled but he deserves it. He's a damn good dog.

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