It should by no surprise that any holiday gathering can be deadly, I mean think about your mother-in-laws cooking, yikes.  in case you feel invincible, here are four tips to staying alive this Thanksgiving.  

1. Don't drink too much while watching football - How is it possible to not do this?  Apparently digesting big meals  will strain your heart.  Combine that with the fact that drinking does too puts you at risk.  Check out this stat, men are 15% more likely to have a heart attack while they're cheering for a losing football team.  Sucks to be a Lions fan then......

2. Learn how to deep fry your turkey before just doing it - I have never done this before so I had no idea that over 900 homes are destroyed but this every year and also kill five people on average.  Here is the proper way to deep fry a turkey from Butterball.  .

3. Avoid driving as much as possible - It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.  If you look at stats from the National Safety Council, 45,000 people will be injured in car accidents this weekend . . . more than 400 people will die . . . and over 40% of those accidents will involve alcohol.  DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE!

4. Don't let your leftovers sit out too long - Again, our family has always left everything out for the duration of the day but, apparently that is not good.  Turkey should only be left out for no more than two hours.  Get this, turkey causes more cases of food poisoning each year than any other meat, besides chicken.

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