Graduations, Summer job time, and just people possibly looking for a new job.  You send out your resume' and hope someone will see it and ask you for an interview.  But getting the interview is really the biggest problem.



How do you get your resume' seen?  Here's some advice:

A computer program looks for things like buzzwords, phrases and years of experience, then tosses away the applications that don't fit.

It saves companies a lot of time and money, but the problem is the right person for the job sometimes falls through the cracks.

"The biggest advice we give to people is when you're applying for a job is to make sure you're speaking the same language as the job," Lang says.

So, basically there are some tricks that you can use.  But it's always a good idea to follow up after you send in your resume'.  Sometimes that face to face or an actual interaction is still the best way to go.

Unfortunately, the days of having just one resume' that gets sent out to multiple companies is now gone.  You need a resume' specific to each job you are applying for, which can kind of be a pain.  But in the end, hopefully you will get the job you will like and want.