'Tis the season to make a New Year Resolution.  But here is the thing... about 44 percent of Americans make a New Year's Resolution.  And about 31 percent of those people DO NOT stick to them.  That's darn close to everyone who makes one doesn't stick to it.  That's a little depressing.  So, what's the best way to stick to a resolution?

New Years Resolutions

The best way to make sure you stick to a resolution that you make for the new year is to be specific.  Make a resolution that you can attain or stick to.  Like don't just say I want to lose weight and be health (most popular resolution).  Make one that is more specific...and attainable.  Like I want to lose 15 pounds by Feb 28th or something.  Then set out a definite plan to do so.  In other words, don't be vague and don't set something that is unrealistic to your lifestyle.  If after that first goal is attained, like you dropped the 15 pounds, then maybe set another goal.  Like I want to lose another 20 pounds by Memorial day.  If you reach that goal, now you've lost 35 pounds, and that was your goal in the first place.  But by setting smaller goals to reach the big goal, you will hopefully be more successful.  Beat the odds this year... 2020 will be a great year!

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