Recently, a Spirit Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Rochester, Minnesota because of a disruptive passenger. The woman in question was causing quite a disturbance and the captain chose to have her removed from the plane.

I ran a Disturbed Theater at 7:20 this morning that was making light of this woman's behavior. Later it came to light that this woman, who happens to be from Sauk Rapids, is a veteran and is possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. or PTSD. Seeing as the authorities chose not to press any charges, I believe this may have been the cause of the woman's disruptive behavior.

After running the Disturbed Theater episode in question, a listener filled me in on the facts of the story. I immediately regretted running the segment and pulled it from it's next running.

If I told you that Disturbed Theater is never offensive, well, that would be total bullshit. I grade this morning show feature on a low curve but this morning was over the line, in my opinion. So, I apologize to all that may have been offended and wish the best for the woman involved.

That being said, tune in tomorrow morning for Kung Fu Proctologist on Disturbed Theater at 7:20 & 9:20


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