It's pretty much unavoidable, we all have to go sometime. But there are some people you just expected to live forever and, for sure, you'd have the opportunity to see them again.


Thirty some years ago, I worked for a rock station in Orlando, Florida. This was one of the biggest highlights of my then young radio career. I went by the name Dave Lee or Dave's Not Here.

Starting out there, I worked mostly 4 overnights and a weekend shift every week. Working the overnight shift (Midnight to 5:30) I was there to greet the morning show when they came in.

The morning show, Baxter & Mark (no relation, in fact I took the name Baxter later in my career mostly as a tribute to a great mentor), Mark Samansky and Alan Baxter had a very successful morning show in Orlando and they always let me hang around for their show.

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Mark Samansky, an extremely creative and talented morning guy, passed away in 2011. His partner, Alan Baxter posted on Facebook yesterday that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has weeks, maybe months to live. This hit me hard!

Alan Baxter and Mark Samansky were two of my most influential mentors, whether they knew it or not. I doubt very much I would have gone on in radio, let alone end up doing mornings for 28 years, had it not been for what I learned watching and listening to these to morning radio geniuses.

One of my favorite lines from Alan Baxter was "Listen later on kids, because we're going to give you a chance at some cash, without having to get in a stranger's car".

Alan Baxter, you will be missed! I doubt you have a total comprehension of the affect you had on so many lives, mine included. Always hoped I would run into you again and explain that taking the Baxter name was nothing more than a tribute to you.

I am grateful and honored to have known you and worked with you. Say hello to Mark when you see him.

Check out this Baxter & Mark video.  Alan Baxter plays a great straight man.

Check out Baxter & Mark Chronicles on YouTube.  Hilarious stuff!!


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