This, of course was not the planned thing.  Just how it happened.  Here is what I found out... North Dakota- that one comes in first for the drunkest state.  Not sure that is something to be proud of, but there it is.  Minnesota came in #6 on that list... still in the top 10.  Wisconsin, as far as states goes, comes in at #2.  I actually thought that would be number 1, but I'm guessing the lack of things to do in ND probably put that one over.  I lived in Fargo, and yes... definitely a lot of bars in that town.

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Then, I lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I've already told you that Wisconsin came in at #2 for the state... guess what city came in at number 1 for drunks??  Yep- Green Bay.  I actually thought it would have been Wisconsin, since that city always gets biggest party school for colleges.  But nope- Green Bay.  Maybe it's because of the Packer thing.  Lots of bars all around the stadium. That has to be it.

Laura Bradshaw-

The driest cities seem to mostly be in Tennessee.  Except for Nashville.  That one definitely isn't dry.  But apparently the rest of the state is, or at least most of it.

Laura Bradshaw-

So, on that note... Cheers!!!  And bottoms up!  Call an Uber.