My wife and I love to binge watch on Netflix (and Amazon Prime), but we're running out of interesting shows/movies to watch. What is your recommendation?

I swear we spend a 1/2 hour scrolling through all the categories until we're so bored and turned off to sit down and watch something. Most of the time it's while our dinner is sitting in front of us and getting cold, waiting for us to put the remote down and start eating. We're seriously asking for your suggestions.

Here's some of the types of shows we like: Action, Suspense, Mystery, Documentary, Cop/Detective, Avengers style/Marvel.

What we're not very into: Drama/Chick Flicks, Zombies, Cartoons.

Here's some of what we've already watched: Sons of Anarchy, Prison Break, Parenthood, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Hawaii Five O, Breaking Bad, The West Wing, Arrow, Graceland, Transporter, Bloodline.

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