A little over 20 years ago, I was doing a morning show and my morning show partner and I were talking about doing some kind of Valentines Day promotion for the morning show.

We were both pretty tired of the usual boring dinner for two, movie passes, flowers & candy and all the other normal stuff radio stations usually give away for their Valentines Day promotion.

So, we though we'd put a different kind of twist on the big love holiday. Why don't we give away a divorce? Certainly there are couples out there that want a divorce but for lack of money are stuck, right?

It turns out we were correct. We got hundreds of letters from people that for various reasons, needed a divorce but couldn't afford one. We read every single letter and picked one that we thought deserved the free divorce the most.


We worked out a deal with a local attorney and awarded the prize on Valentines Day.  This is where the fun starts.

Both the estranged husband and wife came into the studio the day after Valentines Day. It was fairly obvious that the wife was pretty bitter and she immediately started in on her soon to be ex husband.

As she was belittling her husband a women called in and claimed to be the husband's girlfriend, so we put her on the air. She started ripping on the wife for giving her husband such a bad time and proceeded to talk about what a great boyfriend he was.

The wife listened and responded "If he is such a great boyfriend, why did he spend last night at my house?"  It was hilarious listening to the husband/boyfriend try to talk his way out of this one. I believe the last thing he said was "It didn't mean anything" before his girlfriend hung up.

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