Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a drink every now and then but it seems I drink less and less as time goes by. Oh, I've had my days of over indulgence and had many good times. But somehow I just kind of lost most of my desire to drink.


A lot of this probably came from my years as a bartender. I think, slowly but surely, I subconsciously just absorbed so many negatives watching my bar customers drink.

Seems now days I can get in enough trouble just being sober. Some people I know have a cocktail or two just to relax. I get that, it's just that if I was anymore relaxed, I'd be dead.

And then there is that horrible recovery time. I remember tying one on and getting a few hours sleep, going to work and partying all over again, with just minor discomfort. Now it's a few days at least to recover from the drink. I equate it to giving yourself the flu for a few days. Just not worth it for me.

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