It's hot, it's muggy, and it's a big outdoor holiday.  4th of July usually brings along cookouts, outdoor games, camping, picnics, lake time, fireworks... all things that you do outside.  But the uninvited guest shows up- mosquitos.  No one likes those pesky things.  Plus they could carry virus and just general itchy nuisance.


The obvious solution is bug spray.  No one wants to smell like bug spray.. but the deet is what keeps mosquitos and ticks and black flies away.  BUT- there is another solution that smells a whole lot better.  Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume.  Awesome!  Apparently it works almost as well as a high concentrate of deet repellent.

Photo: Laura Bradshaw

So, as you are out trying to enjoy the holiday on this very hot, muggy and rainy 4th of July, instead of putting on the stinky bug spray, try some Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume!!  Hey- you'll smell a lot better, at least.  Guys you can try it too... then women will think you smell better too.  Ha!  Worth a shot, at least.

Happy 4th!