Everyone I talk to says that they would go out to eat or get a drink right away if they "stay at Home" order wasn't in place right now.

What does it mean to shelter in place?
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But, according to this survey from Huffington Post, most people wouldn't go out. Like they don't trust it quite yet.  People would actually stay home.  A whopping 70% of people say they would stay at home for awhile after the ban was lifted.  22% would go out right away... and the other 8%?  Not sure what their deal is... maybe they were part of the group that didn't pay attention to social distancing in the first place.

An overwhelming majority of the American public — 87% — is now making the effort to stay at home when possible, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds, with most saying they’ll continue to do so this month regardless of any official limitations.

I'm glad to hear that most Americans are adhering to the stay at home order.  This will hopefully help it to flatten the curve and get us out of quarantine sooner than later.  We all know this is tough.  Everyone is in the same boat... so people who are not going along with it... STOP IT!  It's just prolonging it for everyone.

Here in Minnesota- most of us are doing what we are supposed to... so yay us!

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Stay safe and stay healthy!


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