File this one under things you might not have known, the Minnesota Vikings have signed an official artist to their team this year. The artist, who goes by the handle KickliySPORTS online, has been chronicling Minnesota sports for the last 6 months, and his paintings evoke the true feelings of fans in the crowd, and he also captures the special moments of the game. It's almost become that if he doesn't paint it, did it really happen in Minnesota sports?

You've got to check out some of the paintings he has done, which capture key moments in the games he was at, and even some moments that weren't sports related.

The first one of KickliySPORTS's paintings that he has done recently is from the Gophers football game on Saturday.

KickliySPORTS doesn't just capture moments from the game, he also captures moments outside the field of play, like this moment from the ESPN broadcast booth area, also during the Gopher game this past weekend.  

Now KickliySPORTS is the official art of the Minnesota Vikings, and I can understand why they would be interested in bringing him onboard, look at the pictures he drew and painted from the first home game.

  And this one.  

So I've got to ask again if KickliySPORTS hasn't painted it, did it really happen in Minnesota sports?

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