About six years ago when I was still living in Iowa, I was out shopping and I came across this one shirt that had the saying that you can see in the photo above. I recently found that shirt last night when I was looking for a pair of boots that my cousin wanted to borrow. And it got me thinking, what if everyone in the world had to wear a warning label... what would it say?

Here are some of the answer's that I got back after asking you Loonatics on our Facebook page and Twitter.


  • 'Not fit for human consumption' -- Brettzki, Facebook

  • 'Immune to bullshit!' -- Mark, Facebook

  • 'Vikings fan coming through...Packer fan be afraid, be very afraid!!' -- @Pamvikesiouxfan, Twitter
  • 'Does not play well with others' -- Rachel, Facebook

  • 'Does not suffer idiots well' -- Gary, Facebook

  • 'Medicated for your protection' -- Chris, Facebook

  • 'Warning I bite when not on meds, and I'm never on meds' -- Victoria, Facebook
  • 'Warning: Do not remove tag in accordance with federal law' -- Joe E, Facebook
  • 'Caution temper is dangerous' -- Charity, Facebook
  • 'Yes I am everything you think I am right now' -- Todd, Facebook
  • 'Rated R for all the usual reasons' -- Duke, Facebook
  • 'I do dumb things!' -- Joey, Facebook


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