Do NOT Touch This Minn. Bug!
They like to hang out around parks, backyards, and school yards so make sure your kiddos don't get fooled by this bugs fuzzy friendly appearance!
‘Hellboy’ First Look: David Harbour Is Big, Red, and Scary Looking
The Hellboy movie has had an intriguing start, with the disappointing news that Guillermo del Toro wasn’t finishing his trilogy, to a bunch of exciting casting announcements, to one not-so-exciting cast addition, to that actor backing out, to a better choice being in talks (which were confirmed today). More good news: we finally know what David Harbour’s Son of the Fallen One looks like. And he’s pretty scary.
Guess Who’s Coming Back to the Loon Morning Show?
It is my pleasure, with barely any reservations, to announce the return of Laura to the Loon Morning Show. Effective October 2nd, Laura will be returning after serving an eight year prison sentence for fatally strangling a spider monkey at the Minnesota Zoo...

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