If You’ve Never Seen Mastodon Before, Now’s Your Chance

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In a day in age where very few rock bands are making any real commercial headway, there is one band that has defied all odds and have made quite the name for themselves despite playing some rather unconventional music. That band, dear reader, is Mastodon. As a connoisseur of all things rock-n-roll, I recommend this band to anyone who has lost faith in modern day rock music.


Sure, they can have a whacky style at times, but they’ve also released a barrage of radio friendly tunes over the past few years that you can dig even if you aren’t into their experimental side. Check out “The Motherload” or “Show Yourself.” You can thank me later. They’re instant Masto-classics. Bands like Mastodon typically don’t have much success, but not only do they have a die-hard fan base - they even recently won a grammy for their song “Sultan’s Curse” which is the opening track to their latest album “Emperor Of Sand” (also grammy nominated.)


I’ve been following this band for over a decade and I’m stoked to finally get to see them live. They’re performing at The Myth in St. Paul on June 14th. Ticket’s start off at $52 (I know because I already bough mine.) Get your tickets while you still can, so you can come chill with me as we get our minds blown by the mighty Mastodon!



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