I admit, I may go over the proverbial line occasionally. But things have gotten much tighter with Facebook. Seems there are too many people that are just looking to be offended by something.

Awhile back, I posted on a friends page, wishing him a happy birthday. Innocent enough, right?  Well, I may have added a picture to go with the birthday greeting. A picture I thought was pretty innocent but, I guess, Facebook didn't agree.

I was told the picture in question violated Facebook's "community standards". What I thought was odd, was that I have posted that same photo at least a dozen times over the years.

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The same thing with the other few times I was tossed in Facebook jail. I posted photos or memes that I had posted several times before and all of a sudden they are in violation of Facebook's community standards?

There has definitely been a change in the rules on Facebook lately. According to Facebook's community standards, you aren't allowed to show genitalia, naked female breasts exposing the nipple or any sexual activity.

I was guilty of none of the above. This is the meme I posted that resulted in my virtual incarceration.  I see nothing offensive, do you? I just thinks it's funny!  I've actually seen others post the very same meme with no repercussions.


Have you ever been in Facebook jail.  If so, what for?

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