You have to admit that we've been kind of spoiled this winter. October was fairly nice, considering sometimes Mother Nature seems to like to kick off that winter BS early , once in awhile.

Winter Storm Brings Over 6 Inches Of Snow To Chicago
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Even November and December were tolerable. A little snow here and there but never really a big thud of the white stuff.  January was a surprise to me. Usually we get punished with that frigid stuff in January, but not this year.

Like a fool and part-time optimist, I started to look ahead and daydream of Spring weather, which in my mind was, right around the proverbial corner. Nope!

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Along comes February and that sometimes nasty b**ch, Mother Nature, rears her ugly head ordering one of those dreaded Arctic blasts. For the next several days, high temps are expected to be sub zero or close to it. Overnight lows in the mid to upper teens below zero.

So, I guess we just hunker down and ride out the next few weeks, hoping March will be kinder.  But, as you know, March can be a crap shoot, as far as weather goes. It may give you the illusion that Spring is here with some pretty nice days.  Snow melting, sun shining and then THUD!  I swear, that when it snows in March, it doesn't snow in flakes, it seems like the sky drops huge chucks of the white stuff..

The only good thing about March snow is that you know it's not going to be around long.  We certainly can't control the weather but we can hold our frozen nostrils high knowing Spring is on the way and soon we can start complaining about the heat.

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