Ever since this horrible pandemic began here in the U.S. we've all, or most all, have been waiting for the COVID vaccines to be available. In record time, we now have 3 different and effective vaccines.

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When I became eligible for a vaccine, my wife firmly planted her foot in my butt about getting vaccinated.  I made several phone calls, scoured the internet trying to find out how I could weasel a shot in the near future.

I met a few of the requirements for an early vaccination and finally I did get a message on my Centracare MyChart. So, last week I was able to schedule an appointment for this past Monday.  Very easy!

So, Monday, I show up 45 minutes early for my appointment at Centracare Southpoint. I was figuring it would be total chaos and I wanted to make sure I was on time, as to not miss out. When I found out they would be giving me the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, I was thrilled. One and done.

I have to hand it to the medical crew at the Southpoint Centracare sight. Things were very streamlined and before I knew it, I was seated with my upper arm exposed (thank you to the nurse for not laughing) ready to get my shot. I was asked a few questions about any allergies to vaccines, etc.

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Then it was shot time.  I'm not crazy about needles but they make them so thin now that you can barely feel it.  After the shot was done, I was given a card to prove I was vaccinated and was instructed to sit for 15 minutes, just in case I had any kind of adverse reaction to the shot. Nope, all good and I was on my way.

The only reactions I had  were minimal. Of course, my arm was a little sore for about 20 minutes and that night I woke up shivering but that soon passed.  When I asked a nurse friend about the shivering thing and she just stated that it was "a good immune response."

I'm not sure if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has that Bill Gates chip in it, but so far I haven't heard from Bill Gates, nor have I developed any super powers.  I guess we'll see what the future brings.

I recommend everyone get their vaccine as soon as possible. The sooner we get the majority of people vaccinated, the sooner maybe things can get back to some kind of normal. Let's do it!

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