When it comes down to ideas for inventions, I have many. The problem is, I rarely act on them. Perhaps I'd be a rich guy by now.

abstract Baxter

When my daughters were toddlers, I was always frustrated and paranoid about them running into the street or darting out between cars in a parking lot as I unloaded them.

I thought to myself, someone should invent and market some lead soled toddler shoes. Just heavy enough to slow them down a step, giving a parent another spit second to react.

Also, think of the leg strength they would develop. Future athletes, for sure.

The next idea was just a thought I had when this woman I used to work with claimed she lacked any motivation to use her stationary bicycle

Right then, a light lit up in my melon. Someone, not me of course, should manufacture a stationary bicycle where the seat vibrated in sync with the pedaling. I would have to think a woman would be more inclined to get on the bike more often.

And finally, I thought of something to help with childhood obesity. Kids just don't get the exercise they need anymore. Too much gaming and other computer time.

What if their computers, gaming systems, etc. were equipped with a special plug that was hooked up to a special box which was then wired into a piece of exercise equipment?  Kids would have to exercise for a certain amount of time to generate enough electricity to run their systems. The more exercise, the more electricity banked for playtime.  .

Perhaps I will act on one of my ideas when I can invent something that sparks motivation.


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