UNDATED -- Owners of Apple iPhones may have problems with a new software upgrade.

Apple iPhone 12 users have reported they’re unable to use their phone after installing the iOS 16 software update that was made available earlier this week.

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LGS Electronics owner John Nelson says the issue occurs with iPhone 12 users who have had replacement work done.

If you download the iOS 16 update, and you've had a repair done, you're going to get a popup message on the phone that's going to say “non-OEM part detected”. And it essentially bricks the entire phone, so the phone stops working.

Nelson stresses the issue has only been reported in iPhone 12 phones that have had a screen, battery, or charging port replaced by a company other than Apple. He says if you have concerns, delay the update.

Yes, when your phone asks you to update to iOS 16, and you've had one of those repairs done, do not do it - delay it. Eventually, you will see a class action lawsuit about it, because it happens every year, eventually, a judge somewhere will say “hey, you guys have to fix this”, it will get fixed and your iPhone 12 will start working again.

To find out if you have an affected phone, or for questions about the update, contact Apple support.

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