Bill Ward stormed out and now the group is back in the studio working on another record and everything looked honky dory. What's going on?

According to the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Ozzy said that Black Sabbath came about in the time of peace and love and they "never set out to be a heavy metal band" but for right now, he's really enjoying the reunion. Apparently the new record has taken so long because of Tony Iommi's cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment for the disease and Bill Ward getting all pissy about one thing or another. Ozzy is assuring fans that the show will go on. He's so sure that the show will go on, the group announced dates for Australia and Japan earlier this week.

Yes, Black Sabbath came about in the time of flower power, so what the hell made them decide on heavy metal? Ozzy says that they all really loved horror films and that's where they draw their inspiration from. He adds that he's not used to the idea of being considered and influential artist and that's it's an odd thing to try and wrap your head around when someone tells you that their music changed their life. Well, who didn't sit up and take notice the first time they heard Iron Man or Paranoid? You'd be a fool not to.

Can't wait to see what the group has scared up for their latest effort. It's due sometime in April 2013.