We all know that there are more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.  Apparently the number is much closer to 11,000.  But who's really counting?

We also all know that some lakes are much better than others.  Some are great for fishing, some are great for swimming, boating, some are much more shallow than others, there is just about every type of lake in Minnesota.  Depending on what you are heading to the lake for, this may determine which one you will choose.

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There is generally one thing that just about all of us can agree on, when you see a very clear lake that will reflect the sky and look like the clearest, blue you have seen, that is usually what people will say in a great body of water.  And generally you will only find something like that in the caribbean.

PHOTO: via youtube.com drone footage
PHOTO: via youtube.com drone footage

But, according to Only in Your State, there is a fresh water lake here in Minnesota that can rival the blue waters of the caribbean.  And that lake is Deer Lake which is located in Itasca County near the towns of Grand Rapids and Deer River.  It's just North and West of Duluth.

Deer Lake is considered one of Minnesota's largest lakes covering about 4,000 acres. There are several islands on the lake which is home to a lot of wildlife.

The lake’s size and wildlife are impressive, but it is most famous for its pristine waters. Fed by underwater springs, rainwater, and a single inlet, Deer Lake is clean and clear.

And because it's so clear, the colors will seem to change throughout the day with the sunlight.  It's nickname is "Lake of Changing Colors".  So if you are thinking about doing some sort of a "staycation" in Minnesota, consider a trip North, and hang out at this lake for a bit.  Maybe, if the weather is nice enough, you can pretend you spent a ton of money and went to the blue ocean waters of the caribbean.

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