For years I had a co-worker, who is still a good friend of mine, that always has a hard time adjusting from summer to cooler weather, because he hates wearing pants.

There was a guy I went to college with at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota who I never actually met, but everyone knew him as "shorts guy". Because even in the middle of blizzards he'd be rocking his shorts around campus.

Strong Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeastern US
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Turns out these two aren't the only people out in Minnesota who find the struggle to be real when transitioning from shorts weather to pants weather. Came across this post on reddit and it made me laugh:

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With 71 comments thus far and counting, plenty of Minnesotans had something to say on the topic of this self-proclaimed Minnesota "gang" that wants to keep wearing shorts even well after summer is over. First there was jjnefx who had no problem letting everyone know they are a

Proud member of the hot blooded gang

55124 chimed in not long after making the statement:

All middle school boys are in this gang.

To which A_Salty_Moon reiterated that statement taking it one step further saying, "Every middle school boy in the state. Except they'll probably continue with the shorts even after it snows." and they're probably not wrong.

When do you think it's time to retire the shorts from summer and finally adjust to fall/winter or cooler weather? If you go through this post, it is obviously up to each individual and many will not retire the shorts except for short occasions, like Feraltrout who said

Shorts and a hoody for me most of the fall and winter, i'll put pants on to plow and ice fishing that's about it

While paladindan has the rule

The shorts stay on until it's regularly below 40

While others, myself included, have transitioned from shorts to colder weather attire, I would like to note I did it begrudgingly, but share FrenchRoastBeans sentiments:

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