We're all tired of the government shutdown and the rhetoric from both sides of government. Seems there is not much we can do but wait for one side to give in since they don't seem interested in working together.


If you have travel plans, airport security is certainly an issue. TSA working for no pay. Planes weren't being inspected, which scares the hell out of me. Tax returns may be late or slower than usual. So many people either furloughed or working without a paycheck. How long before these people just quit and find another job outside of government?

Wall or no wall?  That's the big question. I would like to see a group of bipartisan engineers to study the feasibility and impact of building a wall. Also, a bipartisan group to determine the border situation and what, if not a wall ,is needed.

We can only hope this craziness ends soon and we can get back to business.


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