Sometimes there are videos showing various wild animals hanging out where they should not be.  The animals seemed to get a lot more inquisitive during the pandemic.  There were so fewer people out and about, that the animals we normally don't see in populated areas became more prevalent.

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Sometimes there are "sightings" that aren't real. People have gotten very good at showing things that are not real, but look very real.  This may or may not be one of those things, but considering what has been happening in the animal population, it is totally plausible.

There was/is a post on social media showing a video of what appears to be a small black bear in South St. Cloud.  Location is reported to be just off of Cooper Avenue.

This area is very residential, and that seems scary.  Lots of wooded areas around.  Maybe don't go for any night walks? Make lots of noise when you do go for a walk? Walk with other people?

If this is legitimate, Might be time to really be aware of your surroundings, don't leave open garbage around your house, no food outside either, and make sure your house is secure.  You don't want to open the door and be greeted by a curious bear.

This video (again, if actually real) was taken 12 hours earlier than this story was shared.  So, maybe the bear moved on to greener pastures.  One can hope.  I have no interest in running into a bear in my neighborhood.  That's scary, and dangerous.

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