Somehow, I just can't picture this happening in good ol' Minnesota. Personally, I see no problem with it.  Just boobs, right?

A Colorado city has decided to give up on their legal fight to forbid women from exposing their breasts in public.  A feferal court's ruling that forbidding women from going topless in public qualified as unconstitutional discrimination, brought about Fort Collin's decision to give up on their challenge.


The city had already blown hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the challenge. That was the major reason for giving up on the court battle. By giving up on the challenge, it will be effectively legal in six states all part of the 10th Circuit Court.

Boobs can be legally out now in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Will this miove make it to Minnesota?  In my opinion, not likely to happen soon.  The upper Midwest sometimes seems to be 5 to 10 years behind on some stuff.

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