It's rarely that I ever hear about cults locally but I'm sure they probably exist. If you believe what these two sisters have to say, and I have to admit, it all sounds quite compelling.

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You may be familiar with a popular food truck called Bad Rooster. It's been doing business for quite awhile. It is co owned by Soulaire Allerai, 65 of Minnetonka.

Allerai has filed a lawsuit against a pair of sisters for defamation and civil conspiracy. According to FOX 9 News, the sisters, Angela Hummelgard and Kelly Abedi claim that Allerai and Bad Rooster have deprived them of their mother.

Their Mother, Mary Ring joined the group Soulful Journey in 2007 and soon after divorced her husband and pretty much shunned her old life. Allerai is the leader of Soulful Journey.

Kelly Abedi was a member of Soulful Journey briefly while a teenager. "We’ve been dealing with this for 15 years, I don’t know why we’ve been quiet about this," said Abedi.

The sisters have only had contact with their mother once since 2007, the year their mother joined Soulful Journey.  Angela Hummelgard spoke with her mother once in 2011.

"It was weird for me, it almost felt like a goodbye," Hummelgard said "We never talked after that, she missed my sister’s wedding, stopped celebrating Christmas, and didn’t tell anyone that was her path,"

Abedi and Hummelgard took to Facebook and accused Allerai and Bad Rooster of financing the Soulful Journey "cult'.

Allerai and Bad Rooster issued this statement after after the sisters posted their claims on Facebook. "The personal attacks on social media are patently false and solely designed to harm Soulaire Allerai and Bad Rooster because of the tremendous success and goodwill they have earned over the years. Soulaire Allerai and Bad Rooster have sued the individuals who insist on continuing to make these baseless  accusations. Each and every instance of defamation and other tortious acts are being tracked and identified, and these individuals will be held accountable for the reputation and financial damage they have caused."

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