I know that some people wear a tie to work everyday.  And I also know that many who do, can't stand it and wish that they didn't have to.  So, this is for you.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images
Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Maybe it's the time to say that ties are out and just a nice button down shirt with a suit jacket should suffice for the professional dress code.  There is actual scientific research that shows that wearing a tie could cut the blood flow to your brain.  Like this could actually be harmful to anyone wearing one!  So, should your boss require you to wear a tie when you could die??!!  I'm just saying.

And if it doesn't kill you, there are other things that could happen too.  Wearing a tie could limit your cognitive function... and even be harmful to your kidneys.  That seems weird, but there you go!  Actual proof that you probably shouldn't have to wear a tie to work everyday.

Now watch- everyone will be wearing clip on ties like you did when you were eight.  I might call that a backfire.

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