And don't ask what UMF stands for... you use your imagination, you will definitely realize what that means.  And if you are still confused.. well, I can't help you with that.  Now, onto Lame Joke Friday..

Johnny always brings in 2 jokes now.  He says it's because he has to have a golf joke because it's golf season.  But I really think he knows that his jokes are so bad that he has to make up for something.  That way, if no one laughs at the first one, he has a back up.

See- crickets for the first joke.  Baxter has a courtesy laugh for the second one, which happens to be the golf joke.  Ok- it might have been mildly funny.  But just mildly.  Johnny will be back again next week with another attempt at a joke.

He really needs to keep his day job.



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