If you didn’t like the Twins playoff situation earlier in the week (and I didn't), you just needed to wait a few days for it to change. And this weekend it could change again -- and again -- and again.

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First, let's flashback to last week. Things were not looking good for the Twins. They lost three out of four to the White Sox and watched the Sox extended their lead in the AL Central. The Twins went on to stabilize themselves last weekend by winning two out of three against the Cubs. And then we were looking at the final week of the season. Not only was it not looking good, but it was really starting to look like we were going to play the Yankees in the playoffs -- again.

On Tuesday The Twins had a 16% chance of winning the division. Then that number got bigger each day. It went from 16% on Tuesday, to 29% on Wednesday to 51% on Thursday to 66% on Friday.

Beating the Tigers helped that number rise, and the White Sox losing four in a row to the Indians also helped. Speaking of Cleveland, they’ve won five in a row, the Twins have won four in a row, and the White Sox have lost five in a row. It’s been all about the winning streak’s this week.

So going into the final weekend of the season Minnesota has a one-game lead over the Chicago and a two-game lead over Cleveland.

The Twins will close out their season with three games against the Cincinnati Reds (a mediocre team). White Sox wrap up their season with three against the Chicago Cubs (a good team). And the Indians close out their season with three against the Pittsburgh Pirates (a terrible team).

The Twins currently hold not only the lead in the AL Central but also the 2nd seed in the American League. If the playoffs were held today they would host the wildcard Cleveland Indians.

We know one thing for sure, if the Twins sweep the Reds, they win the division. Outside of that, who knows. They could end up being a wildcard team. With tie-breakers factored in, this weekend everything could be flipped turned upside down. All I know is it’s gonna be an exciting weekend of baseball and I will be at the edge of my seat.

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