First of all, before that one constant complainer comments, I am well aware there is no such thing as a dragon. It's an expression, but I imagine if the were dragons their snot would be pretty hot, right?

New York City Hit With Stifling Record Heat
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With the forecast calling for sunny skies and mid 90's today and pretty much sunshine all weekend with temps nearing 100 degrees Sat and Sunday. The dew point is going to right up there, too making it extremely hot and humid this weekend. Even if it doesn't get up to 100 degrees, it's probably still going to feel that hot or hotter.

My best advice is to find a nice cool place to hang for the weekend. Monday, most of us can go back to work and soak up the boss's air conditioning.

Make sure to keep tabs on any of your older friends or relatives to make sure they are doing okay in the heat. In other words, bring Mum in from the porch.

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Also, be sure to keep your pets and kids hydrated, not necessarily in that order. It doesn't take much extremely warm weather to suffer from dehydration.  If you see a kid with rosy cheeks, get them some water. Pop and sweet drinks won't do the trick.  Water, water water.

By Tuesday, we should be back down into the 80's again, giving us a bit of relief.  Weird that it wasn't that long ago we had morning temps in the upper 30's. lower 40's.

So, I guess, find a lake or pool to hang around all weekend and take occasional breaks from the heat. Air conditioning, it's a beautiful thing!

If you find yourself complaining about the heat, think back to February when you were bitching about just the opposite.

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