Actually, i'm pretty surprised that North Dakota didn't come in at number one. It's flat, the wind never stops blowing and it's colder than your ex's heart.  but, yes, Minnesota comes in at #1 for worst winters in th entire country.

The reasoning behind this conclusion is the terrible mix of meteorological crap you could imagine. Winter weather patterns such as Alberta clippers (nothing good comes from Alberta, just sayin') and panhandle hooks are far too common here in Minnesota.


These bring snow constantly. In some regions of our state over 200 inches of snow can accumulate and can hang around for 5 months. That's almost a half year of Winter.

And then there's the frigid, killer temperatures. Temps with windchill can hit -60 F and frostbite can set in in mere minutes. It's no wonder Minnesotans usually look younger than their age, we're frickin' freeze dryed half the year.

The rest of the top ten for worst Winters looks like this. (2) Michigan (3) Alaska (4) North Dakota (5) Maine (6) South Dakota (7) Wisconsin (8) Idaho (9) Montana (10) Massachusetts.


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