Man, there is nothing better than a great burger. So many places in the St Cloud area have a great burger, it may be difficult to choose.

I guess, there would be 2 categories, restaurant burgers and fast food burgers. Personally, I don't eat many restaurant burgers but the ones I've had at a variety of restaurants, were all pretty good.

As far as fast food burgers go, I like the Wendy's single. it's pretty good for fast food. Lately I've been ingesting more than my share of Culver's Double Butter Burger. This, to me, is a great burger for the price.


What is your favorite burger in the St Cloud area, not counting the delicious ones you might create on your grill at home?  Please tell me why it's your favorite burger.

Okay, now I'm hungry and I think I'll do my own little celebration of National Burger Day.

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