Happy National Burrito Day! Whether you make them yourself at home, or you head out to your favorite burrito spot enjoy the day! One local burrito food truck curiously is making its 2023 debut today, coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not!

Buddy's Burritos and Bowls is setting up shop at the Wright County Government Center this afternoon; later tonight they will be in Monticello. Tomorrow in Big Lake, but the real treat is Buddy's will be making their St. Cloud debut a week from Friday when they pull their food truck up to Pantown Brewing for the evening! 

Owner Rob and Laura Dunlap got into business last year, and it seems things really took off for the Clear Lake-based burrito and bowl food truck.

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Rob told last year about how he got into the business:

My wife and I have worked in the food industry for a combined total of 40-plus years. We love the idea of cooking fresh ingredients and providing a great meal with a fun experience. 15 years ago my friends and I were discussing the idea of a food truck before they started becoming popular. Then in 2020, when Covid hit and the restaurant industry came crashing down, I started taking the idea seriously.  After researching, menu development, tastings, and lots of hard work- Buddy's Burritos and Bowls launched on July 24th, 2022.

Congrats to the Dunlaps on another year, from the event calendar online it looks like it will be pretty busy too.

For more information about Buddy's, you can head to their website, here. 

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