Finally, a holiday I can get behind. I've been a Coke lover since I was a teen. Coke has to be one of the most familiar brands on the planet.

SEC Launches Investigation Into Coca-Cola's Earnings History
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I must say, it's a real crap shoot ordering a Coke in a restaurant. "Is Pepsi okay?"  Ah, no.

Remember the New Coke fiasco in the 80's. I just can't imagine all the Coca Cola execs sitting in a board room agreeing that it would be a great idea to take the number one soft drink in the world and change it.  Great idea. right?  Wrong!

That idiotic decision cost Coca Cola dearly. They finally had to relent and bring back the original recipe under the name "Classic Coke".  New Coke was and still is considered one of the most memorable market blunders ever.


Coca Cola was created by an Atlanta pharmacist in 1886. It was first marketed as a remedy for things like fatigue. May have had something to do with cocaine being part of the original recipe.

According to Coca Cola, 1.9 billion servings of Coke were sold in 2019.  Coke was also one of the first soft drinks to be put in cans.  In my humble opinion, Coke never tasted better than it did in a cold glass bottle, remember those?

So, Happy National Have a Coke Day!  Raise a glass, add a little whiskey or rum if you like, and toast one of the greatest American success stories ever.

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