What was your favorite?  So, I'm going to sound super old here and say that all that was available when I was a kid was Atari.  Yep... a step above Pong, but we had Pac Man, Frogger, Mario, etc and the graphics were less than desirable,  Like they were almost blinking.  It was bad.  Sounds were horrible too.  BUT we didn't know any better.  It was a cool thing to have it in your living room instead of only at the arcade or something like that.  Bowling alley?  Yeah, there was an asteroids game there.  I was living large, I tell ya.

Atari Landfill

Now it's just crazy.  Someone actually ranked the video games from best to worst... best to worst game console, best to worst game franchise, it's all there.  And surprise... Atari isn't one of them????

Computer Gaming Convention
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And also ranking how often people play video games.  The highest amount was every day.  Yeah- us, it was like once a week.  Like when you went to the bowling alley or a friends house, in my case, who had the Atari.  My parents didn't want us to be playing that all the time... now look.

Happy gaming!!

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