These jokes are always bad.  But it seems like when he comes in early in the week to do his little stand up ditty, it's worse than ever.  Like I was even waiting after the joke was over for there to be more.  But there wasn't.  Listen for yourself.  Oh- and he's getting over laryngitis.

See?  First one was terrible.  Then the second one I was a bit concerned for his continued employment.  Never knew where that one was going, considering what he was saying.  Good Grief!!

Chubby Checker would be rolling over in his grave... or he would be if he were dead.  He's still  alive and 76 years old.  We won't forward this onto him.

Easter joke.  Whatever!  That was no Easter joke.  He's trying to get into the holiday spirit with these jokes when he can.  This time he failed miserably.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that it's supposed to be horrible joke FRIDAY not Wednesday.

Until next week...


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