Back in my daaaayyyyy, there were only a select few who demanded tips for their services. It was common knowledge that you tipped servers, hair stylists, hotel cleaning staff and delivery drivers. That was about the extent of it.

Now it has become an absolute free-for-all. It seems like everywhere you go someone is asking for a tip. I've seen tip prompts at fast food restaurants, car washes and oil change places.

One guy in San Diego even said he was essentially forced to tip after buying an expensive concert t-shirt.

We are being asked to tip too many people. I can only assume you just might agree. Janet Jackson played San Diego the other night. I loved the show so I decided to buy a Janet Jackson shirt. It was 60 bucks for a Tshirt BUT that's not the problem. I used my debit card to pay. The credit card thingy asked me how much I wanted to tip. There wasn't a NONE option. I ended up tipping 15 percent. 15 percent for someone who stood there and basically said which shirt do you want? When I left, I was happy but I got a delayed reaction. I tip well when I get a haircut or when I eat out but I should have said no way right? Does the Tshirt dude deserve a tip?

I have had a few uncomfortable situations lately and I think they both boiled down to someone wanting/expecting a tip without wanting to straight up ask for it.

The first one was the guy who came out to change my cracked windshield. He was super friendly and did a great job but when I told him thank you and shook his hand he just kind of... lingered. It is certainly possible that I misread the situation but I got the impression he was waiting for a tip.

The second one was with furniture movers. We paid $150 for a couch to be delivered and when they were done I wasn't sure if we were supposed to actually tip on top of that. Five years ago it never would have even crossed my mind.

Finally, a woman had her food truck (that she owns) at a grad party. After she rang up my food she spun the screen around looking for a tip. If she owns the truck, and is taking home the money from the food sales, why should she get a tip? Am I losing it?!

Where is the line when it comes to tipping? I am not well off enough to live my life like Henry Hill tipping everyone with a crisp $100 bill for opening up a door for me.

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