We've known that this winter has been one to forget for many ice-fishing charters across the state. After a stretch of way above normal temps last week it appears that even with the cooler temps the ice still isn't cooperating. Check out these photos from an ice house being pulled out of a lake, presumably Mille Lacs, as that is what the social media page is devoted to, where I found the pictures posted.

It doesn't seem like anyone was inside the skid-house when it went in, which is amazing.

Here are some more pictures of today's adventure

The post I saw on the Mille Lacs Lake page, was shared, and the original pictures came from Jim Staricha, who owns Northland Towing which specializes in lake recoveries statewide and shows the process used to get a submerged skid-house back on top of the ice.

I had no idea how much of a process it was to get something so big out of the water.

The rescue of the fish house involved a chainsaw, two trucks, chain, tow straps, and at least two guys willing to risk standing near the edge of where the house went in to prep the house, and to make sure where they put the house when it's pull up from the lake won't break.

The post was made yesterday, and it looked like Jim was back at it today pulling out a UTV from another undisclosed lake.

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Hopefully, the ice holds up well enough for people to get their houses off, and I won't have to see many more ice house rescues.

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