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If you've been wanting to travel to the Emerald Isle, you'll soon have another non-stop choice here in Minnesota.

Ireland is one of those 'bucket list' places for many of us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I'm guessing that's because parts of Minnesota have a significant Irish heritage. The old saying might be that 'everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day,' but according to this CBS-Minnesota story, roughly 10 percent of Minnesotans report Irish ancestry.

And in some parts of the Gopher State, like in Wabasha and Le Sueur counties, Irish heritage rates top 15 percent, according to CSB-Minnesota. Meanwhile, Hennepin County has a slightly lower percentage but is home to the largest amount of Minnesotans with Irish ancestry.

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This might be why Irish airline Aer Lingus has just announced plans to bring back a non-stop route from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) to Dublin. The story, from the travel site, Thrifty Traveler reports that the non-stop flight will be a resumption of one that existed here before the pandemic and is the last international flight to return to the Bold North.

Thrifty Traveler revealed more about the new flight to Ireland, which is set to debut sometime in the spring of 2024:

Aer Lingus is aiming to restart flights to Minneapolis sometime in May 2024, according to airline schedule filings first reported on Enilria.com. The airline plans to fly between its Dublin hub and Minnesota four times a week on an Airbus A330-200. Flights are not currently available for purchase yet.

Thrifty Traveler also noted that while non-stop flights like this make traveling to Europe much easier, they're also usually cheaper, they also make Dublin a good destination for which to plan further trips in Europe, instead of the usual destinations like Paris, New Amsterdam and other cities.

Now all you have to do is decide when you want to head over to Ireland next year. (And figure out how to pay for it, of course.) Now, if you're looking to leave Minnesota... permanently... keep scrolling to check out the states where Minnesotans are moving to the most right now!

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