"No Ragrets". That's a popular meme using a still from the movie "We're The Millers". So if you've already commented on this article's title without knowing the reference, here's your chance to go delete that uninformed comment, you unwashed heathen. And welcome to the internet.

A bad tattoo is one of those things that people can bond over. It seemed like a great idea at the time, right? Or maybe all of those jag bombs seemed like a great idea, and the bad tattoo was just a biproduct. Either way, PetSmart wants to cover up that bad tattoo...with a tattoo of your pet.

PetSmart Wants to Cover Your Bad Tattoo With a Tattoo Redo Featuring Your Pet

Warner Bros Pictures via YouTube
For those still unsure of the article title's reference (Warner Bros Pictures via YouTube)

It's a contest, so not everyone will get their ragrettable tattoo covered up on PetSmart's dime. They are covering the cost for FIVE lucky ragretters to fix their ink oopsie.

Their calling it, "Tattoo Redo". Five winners will get flown to Los Angeles for two nights and have one session with a tattoo artist. They note that your ragrettable AF full-back tattoo isn't eligible; the tattoo getting covered up must be small enough to be covered in one sitting, up to $2,500.

If you want in, log on to PetSmart Tattoo Redo and send a photo of YOUR ragrettable tattoo, plus a pic of your pet.

If you just want to share a pic of a tattoo you already have of your pet, you'll get top-tier status in PetSmart's loyalty rewards program. Still not a bad deal.

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H/T: PR Newswire

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