Rumor has it NBC is working on getting rid of Jay Leno when his contract expires in 2014. This definitely isn't the first time the network has tried to oust the comedian, but I sure hope they follow through this time, because I'm a huge fan of his reported replacement.

A few years back when NBC tried to end Leno's career he wound up taking a 50% pay cut and sticking around. That pay cut still left him raking in $15 million per year, and only slashed 'The Tonight Show' budget by 20%.

NBC seems to finally be ready to get more bang for their buck. Not only will they more than likely save a few bucks but they will also have a better shot at targeting the younger viewers that are showing more interest in late night television if the rumors hold true and they replace Leno with Jimmy Fallon.

NBC isn't the only network trying to cash-in on the younger generation, ABC is bumping the 'Late-Late Show with Jimmy Kimmel' up to 10:30 CT next month in hopes to capture more young viewers.