There aren’t very many things that bring people together now a days. Politics, race, religious affiliation, and “The Last Jedi” have our country divided in two. There is however, something that I think has the power to unite us in this time of turmoil. I’m talking about comedy.

Comedy, if done correctly, should bring people of all walks of life together for a brief moment for a good laugh. One comedian that does this just as well as anyone is Jeff Dunham. I remember when I was in high school and Jeff was one of the most popular entertainers among my friends.

It seemed like everyone who saw his routine became a fan instantly. If you happen to be a fan of Mr. Dunham then you’ll be thrilled to hear that he’ll be performing at Target Center (Minneapolis) on January 24th. The show will start at 7 pm, and you can purchase a ticket online now for as little as $48.

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