When Jerry wasn't recording with the Grateful Dead, Garcia was making albums of his own, not to mention;  other musical units with whom he collaborated with.

Playing all the instruments except drums Bill Kreutzmann provided that courtesy , Jerry's fisrt solo profect was a mere masterpiece of 1972.

Jerry collaborated with an old songwriting  partner, lyricist Robert Hunter.

Garcia worked up  songs that  entered the repertoire of The Grateful Dead at a rapid pace.

Vic Garbarini of Rolling Stone stated, "Drawing on the stark lines of 'Workingman's Dead' and the exultant melodies and harmonies of 'American Beauty' Garcia is the missing link that completes a trilogy of their best studio work and is arguably the greatest of the lot."

Garcia's essential songs:

  • "Deal"
  • "Bird Song"
  • "Sugaree"
  • "Loser"

"Sugaree" video: