Former Minnesota Gov Jesse Ventura announced he is strongly thinking about throwing his hat into the ring for a 2020 presidential bid. He talked to Fox 11 in Los Angeles and stated he plans on running with marijuana leagalization and getting our troops out of the Middle East as his main platform.

I recall, back in the day, when Jesse announced he was running for Governor of Minnesota and many people thought it was a joke and that he'd never win. Well, he proved them wrong and beat out Skip Humphrey and Norm Coleman and moved into the Governor's mansion.


Jesse says that he plans to spend the winter in Mexico, where he's been wintering for several years now, and make his decision on whether to run or not in the spring.

He would run as an independent. He didn't say whetherr or not he would run as a Reform Party candidate again, like he did in '98 for the governorship of Minnesota.


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