With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana, it seems every famous person with a fondness for the herb is putting out their own strain. Some just putting their name on it while others, like Jim Belushi, are doing the "dirt to bong thing".

You might have been wonderiing what Jim Belushi has been up to lately. Once a common face on TV and in movies, he just kind of disappeared. He does still tour with Dan Aykroyd as part of the Blues Brothers, taking his late brother John's role.


He also has been a cannabis grower in the pot legal state of Oregon. He just hosted a benefit party celebrating his third harvest at his farm in south Oregon and 400 people showed up.

Dan Aykroyd was there to help with the announcement of the Blues Brothers strain. They also performed as the Blues Brothers and raised $54,000 for disabled blues musicians.

So, when in Oregon, ask for it by name. Maybe, just say "I'm on a mission from God".

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