Boston Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Anyone who is, or ever was a baseball fan knows who Johnny Pesky is, and he will be greatly missed by all.

Johnny was a talented infielder who quickly became a favorite for his knack for hitting home runs to Fenway Park's right field corner. He hit so many balls out there they even named the foul pole the Pesky Pole.

The baseball great played alongside stars like Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, and Bobby Doerr. He was also well known for mentoring young players such as Wade Boggs, Jim Rice, and one of my favorites Dustin Pedroia.

After Pesky hung up his bat and glove he continued to be a major part of the Red Sox organization by coaching, managing, broadcasting, and serving as a the good-will ambassador for the club until the end of his life.

I am a die hard Red Sox fan, and Johnny Pesky is nothing short of a baseball legend.